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Get to know... Snake Get to know... Snake
07 Nov, 2023

Get to know... Snake

The range that put us on the beauty map. Discover what drove our founder Maria to create our hero range and what makes it so innovative.

It’s the sell-out product that put Rodial on the map. Rodial founder Maria Hatzistefanis saw a gap in the market for a product that provided instant wrinkle-freezing results. With its evocative name, Snake disrupted the skincare market immediately. Snake Serum first featured on a morning TV show in Germany, where it sold out in 3 minutes. 100,000 advance orders soon poured in – followed by a global sell-out.


The Snake effect spread. Magazines called it ‘a miracle in a bottle’ and its tightening action ‘the viper venom effect’ with ‘results in 90 seconds’. Beauty insiders and high-profile names were asking for it, with Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Eva Mendes and Angelina Jolie all early adopters. Groundbreaking, disruptive and with real results, it’s been causing a scene ever since and has formed a blueprint for every subsequent Rodial range.


The fast-acting SYN®-AKE tripeptide gets to work instantly to delay the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reduce their depth, freezing skin in time, while hyaluronic acid and a unique oxygen delivery system energise and hydrate. Snake Serum also contains a blurring complex, powered by gransil, to create a flawless base ahead of make-up application.

By The Rodial Team