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Get to know... Rodial Complexion Get to know... Rodial Complexion
07 Nov, 2023

Get to know... Rodial Complexion

Simple, impactful, enhancing: discover the story behind our complexion icons and what makes them so unique compared to other makeup products on the market.

Rodial's complexion range was born out of the desire to enhance customers' skin with a compact range of products, rather than creating a broader range of makeup items like other brands.


Our founder Maria wanted to create a capsule collection that could enhance your look in minutes, with minimal effort or skills. Maria created the complexion range for people who are time-limited and on-the-go, don’t want to watch tutorials and who prefer a simple yet impactful look.


The collection started its life with powders, like our iconic Glass Powder, which are designed to sculpt skin, blur imperfections and set makeup. Today, the heart of the collection are complexion items that also offer skincare benefits, such as the skin tints and Lowlighters.


Banana Lowlighter is undoubtedly the hero of the collection. Despite having a presence in the collection for years prior as Yellow Highlighter and other iterations, during the pandemic it went viral and was hailed as giving that 'no makeup makeup' glow coveted for endless Zoom calls. It is still our bestseller today and inspired range extensions like Peach Lowlighter and Bronze Glowlighter.

By The Rodial Team